Morpheus 8

Morpheus 8


This cutting-edge treatment combines two of the most effective anti-ageing treatments

Reducing fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and improving skin tone, Morpheus 8 is an advanced treatment that combines micro-needling and radio-frequency to give the appearance of younger, smoother, more radiant-looking skin.


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How does it work?

Using 24 microneedles that go as far as 4mm deep into the dermis layer of skin to stimulate collagen production and radiofrequency to heat the skin and re-shape wrinkles and folds.

Morpheus 8
  • Benefits of Morpeus8

Benefits of Morpeus8

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Morpheus8 reverses common signs of aging: creases and fine lines, laxity, and uneven pigment. These signs of aging can be reversed with Morpheus8. Signs of aging start in the twenties and get worse over time. The best time to treat signs of aging is when they first appear. However, the Morpheus8 technology is unique because it more predictably treats skin at all ages, even into the 70’s and 80’s. It is safe for all ages because the treatment is so gentle and can be adjusted for skin of any age or health, with few exceptions.

Safe All Skin Types

Because the delivery of radiofrequency energy is delivered below the epidermis or surface of the skin, the treatment is safe on all skin types. The even and gentle delivery of energy minimizes the risk of post traumatic pigment changes.

Precise Delivery of Healing Energy

Morpheus8 works by delivering radiofrequency energy through 24-tiny needles at a preselected depth into the skin. Each individual needle delivers a bolus of energy for complete coverage of the area treated. The energy produces heat which causes contraction of skin and stimulation of new collagen growth. With new collagen growth comes improved circulation, dermal thickness, hydration and overall health of skin in the treated area.

Minimal Downtime

This elegant technology makes it possible to treat, tighten and improve the quality and appearance of your skin with very little downtime. If resurfacing is desired in addition to tightening and smoothing, the resurfacing tip can be used with the deeper tip for more surface correction. The skin may be pink for a few days but there is no associated pain. The initial discomfort disappears in a few hours. Makeup can be applied the following day.

Pain Free

Morpheus8 is designed to deliver energy in a safe and uniform manner. There are no energy surges or excessive damage to the skin. Temperature is well controlled for just the right amount of tissue coagulation and contraction without evaporation of tissue. A wound healing response is generated by increasing enzymatic activity. This causes remodeling of tissue by removing photoaged dermal tissue and paving the way for new tissue growth. A topical anesthetic is put on the skin 60-minutes before the treatment. The treatment has very little associated discomfort.

Affordable Beauty

Morpheus8 is very affordable for both your wallet and your time. Studies show that three treatments produce great results. It is best to purchase it in packages of three treatments both for results and savings. Morpheus8 prices vary based on the area treated so at your consultation you can discuss your goals and any concerns before the treatment. You want to make sure the treatment is best suited to your needs. Custom pricing is available for treatment areas and a treatment plan and package price will be developed for your individual needs.