Cryo Therapy

Cryo Therapy


Whole body cryotherapy is a three minute treatment using cold air to reduce inflammation, boost circulation, stimulate mind and body and treat conditions.

Cryotherapy can offer a range of benefits to help the body repair itself, alleviate symptoms and help promote positive wellbeing. Here are some of the benefits that can be realised through accessing a whole body cryotherapy chamber.


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Our Cryo Chamber is a private confidential suite fully equipped for deep cold therapy sessions.

Benefits of CryoTherapy

CryoTherapy is used by leading Athletes, Influencers, and Celebrities due to the unlimited number of benefits for health, wellbeing, and beauty.

  • Sports
  • Health
  • Beauty


The pursuit of excellence in sports is a perfect balance of mind and body. For many years, cryotherapy has been helping top athletes, to reach the top enabling them to push themselves to achieve their optimum performance.


Train Harder

CryoTherpay allows you to train harder than ever before. The low temperatures allow your muscles to recover quicker and be less painful after intense workout sessions, meaning that instead of resting for a few days, you will be able to dive back into your next workout session without aching muscles and high energy levels, helping you achieve your fitness goals sooner than expected.

Recover Faster

The cold temperatures also help you to recover from intense workout sessions faster than you would recover on your own. More effective and far less painful than ice baths commonly used, CryoTherpay gradually cools the skin, revives muscles, and reduces pain, resulting in quicker recovery.

Perform Better

The body’s reaction to a course of Cryotherapy treatments will enable an increase in performance. The rejuvenating and restorative effects of the treatment enable the athlete to respond both physically and mentally to the stresses and strains of modern sports. The effects of the cryotherapy treatment enable the athlete to push beyond the norm and to pump the oxygenated and enzyme rich blood around the body, repair itself and ultimately perform at a much higher level, helping the athlete to gain an edge on their competitors.


The diverse health benefits of cryotherapy are widely appreciated by cryotherapy clients.


Pain Relief

An excellent pain relief method, cold therapy has been used for centuries to relieve pain. CryoTherapy takes cold therapy to a whole new level of efficiency, achieving in as little as three minutes, what would normally take days. Soothe irritated nerves, revive aching muscles, alleviate skin conditions, and

Immune System

Boosting your immune system has never been so important. During your CryoTherapy session, you will have a rush of endorphins, which in turn reduces cortisol levels in our body and strengthens our immune systems. As well as this, your circulation will improve, helping your body flush out toxins, and up our white blood cell count, helping to relieve imflammation and strengthen the immune system.

Heart Health

Looking after your cardiovascular health is a key priority. CryoTherapy is an easy way to take care of your heart, after spending just 3 minutes in our CryoTherapy Chamber you will already start to benefit from results such as improved circulation and reduced blood pressure.

Multiple Sclerosis

CryoTherapy is a great way to relieve symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis as the low temperatures can relieve pain and inflammation as well as boosting energy levels. Many suffering from MS have reported an improvement in mobility, reduced fatigue, and overall a better sense of wellbeing.

Energy Levels

Due to the flood of endorphins after a session of CryoTherapy, you are likely to experience an increase in energy, improved mood, and better focus, and a good night's sleep.

Anxiety & Depression

It has been scientifically proven that CryoTherapy is one of the most effective methods for treating Anxiety and Depression, and even improving moods for those who have difficulty with mood swings.

Sleep Disorders

The exposure to cold air causes your brain to produce 2 hormones. The first is norepinephrine, which affects your awake/sleep cycle and actives REM sleep, and the second is endorphins, which boosts energy before a state of relaxation.

Skin Conditions

As one benefit of CryoTherapy is a boost to the immune system, this means that your body will begin to heal quicker, resulting in the healing of skin conditions.

Weight Loss

Get rid of stubborn fat that you just can't shift at the gym. CryoTherapy has been known to speed up metabolic rate, resulting in weight loss.


CryoTherapy is highly effective in relieving muscle and joint pain as well as benefit those suffering from inflammation conditions such as arthritis, psoriasis, bursitis, and lupus.


Cryotherapy has much to offer as part of a beauty regimen and the benefits are being realised by many, including top celebrities across the world.



The exposure to cold temperatures gives skin a vibrant glow, removes puffiness, reduces atopic dermatitis, as well as reducing sebum production which in turn reduces ance.


It has been scientifically proven that CryoTherapy stimulates hair follicles and encourages hair growth. It has even been suggested that CryoTherapy can help hair grow back for those suffering from Alopecia, with consistent sessions.

Weight Loss

Alongside a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, CryoTherapy has been used by athletes and celebrities to help stay toned and trim. CryoTherapy has been known to help get rid of stubborn fat areas that regular exercise and dieting just cannot seem to shift.


As a result of the cold temperatures, CryoTherapy can help to smooth your skin and reduce cellulite. This is because fat cells are extremely intolerant to cold temperatures and will be flushed out of your body through the lymphatic system.


CryoTherapy is the perfect detox for your body and your mind. After your treatment, you will feel a rush of nutrient-rich blood pumping through your body, protecting your vital organs and helping to break down and flush out toxins, fat molecules, and negative substances. As well as this, you will also have a rush of endorphins, leaving you feeling fantastic and energised, followed by a state of relaxation and ready for a good night's sleep.


In a test study of people suffering from Psoriasis who had tried out CryoTherapy, around 70% said their condition was better after just one session due to the anti-inflammatory properties of CryoTherapy.