As we age, our skin can no longer hide the effects of the passing years, of stress and of environmental damage. This is because, over time, the cell processes which are responsible for keeping our skin looking young start to slow down.

This is a natural process which affects us all. Counteract this process – with the help of the skin rejuvenation method of BYONIK.

The BYONIK method stimulates cell processes and introduces special hyaluronic acid gels with antioxidants into the skin. The elastin can move more freely, elasticity improves, the skin receives intensive moisture and gains volume, and contours become more defined. In most cases the effects can already be seen following the first treatment.


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Revolutionary anti-ageing laser skincare treatment.

Benefits of Byonik

The BYONIK pulse-triggered laser adapts its frequency to your pulse during the entire treatment.

  • Transformational


Byonik is the breakthrough in anti-ageing laser light-induced rejuventation.

Conditions which BYONIK can improve

Aging skin Cystic acne Sun damage Melasma Dry skin Eczema and that is just to name a few

Pulse triggered

The first ever skincare treatment of its kind, BYONIK adjusts the frequency of red light administered in sync with your heartbeat to allow for the maximum absorption of nutrients into the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

The pulse-triggered laser will help your skin to absorb an antioxidant-rich, hyaluronic gel that revives and rejuvenates skin cells, giving a youthful, smooth appearance that lasts.


After just one treatment, clients can see a noticeable difference. Their skin looks plumper, smoother, and hydrated as well as reduced redness.